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About Fresh View

At FreshView Productions our mission is to provide excellence in the way of Family and Christian Entertainment.


We are a young and growing film production company.   In 2017, our humble beginnings consisted of working with Art for Growth's writer/director who served as a one-woman crew in the production of a series of short films. The films were produced with the award-winning youth performing arts program Stage Right and their talented young performers and their parents.


Our first faith-based adult project, using a small local crew, was the short film titled, IMPRESSIONS. It was produced in 2018, and selected for viewing in three film festivals.  

Though our budget is small, our screenplays are created to deliver a fresh view and approach in faith-based and family content.


Working in partnership with Art for Growth (AFG) and with the support of Christians and families who long for entertaining, emotion-driven, and edifying content, FreshView can evolve into a Fresh Voice within the industry. 

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