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Community Flicks
People coming together to make a difference through the arts.

Community Supporters are the life and blood of this initiative.  Without the support of concerned, caring individuals our mission may never be realized. It's been through our faith in the ALMIGHTY's ability to use HIS children that we have put in countless hours and resources to launch what we believe will grow into powerful ammunition in GOD's spiritual warfare for the hearts and minds of our children.  
Those of the Baby Boomer generation is especially important to this initiative because we can see clearly the degree to which the world is deteriorating and what will happen if we do nothing to offset its effect on those who are this country's future.
Twenty-two years of using the performing arts to teach life skills to young program participants have trained, prepared, and endowed Art for Growth with what's needed to steer this exciting new initiative.
Together, we can reach young people across the country. 
One of Satan's most infamous proteges, Adolph Hitler, said: "He who owns the children guides the future." Those words exposed the opposer's plan for our children. We, who have eyes to see the enemy's devises, need to fight for the hearts and minds of our children. 
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