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Community Flicks is an Initiative

It's a Christ-centered Project and Initiative, launched by the nonprofit, Art for Growth and supported by those whose hearts are heavy with concern regarding the influence of today's media and culture on young lives, primarily Generation Z.

What's one of the most significant cultural influences today

The answer is - the media. It tells us how to dress, what to eat, where to go, in essence, how to live. Its power over younger generations is alarming. Through social media, Community Flicks presents
Sparklights, a series of stories presented as Audible Storyboards. Each story is designed to offset the adverse effects of today's media and culture on young minds.

Our primary focus is generation Z, ages ( 7 - 23, approx.). Life is challenging enough for adolescents and young adults. The added pressures and influences they face today make life, for many, hard to cope with or unbearable. It can contribute to lashing or acting out in ways that are destructive to themselves and others. The initiative is committed to using visual and audible mediums that can help.

Our Sparklights Audible Storyboard series presents a visual form of narrative entertainment designed to inspire young people to think and talk about life’s challenges and issues with consideration for GOD’s point of view. The presentations serve as excellent icebreakers and spiritual seed dispensers.








Each story is developed with the goal of waking up young viewers to the truth, life, and way without coming across as too preachy or didactic.

It's a visual and creative way of using the power of storytelling to address the questions and issues younger generations struggle with today. 

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