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Opportunities for Young Creatives

Coming October, 2022


Community Flicks offers two types of opportunities to screenwriters and visual artists who wish to develop, expose and use their talents for GOD’s purpose.



For screenwriters and visual artists (i.e., storyboard artists, illustrators, and animators) with training and experience, Community Flicks offers the Christian Production Club.


Members of the club can use the initiative to create Audible Storyboards from their own stories or art. Club members receive full credit and shared rights for their work. They also gain remote and on-site writer room and pre-production experience. There is no membership fee to join. However, there is an initiation process.


The exposure members gain from collaborative projects could lead to followings, attention from the film industry, or employment with Art for Growth. Community Flicks' projects are distributed free to the public. Therefore, members are not compensated. Club Members are considered Community Flicks’ volunteers. Should they become staff members, their club membership becomes void. Club enrollment begins October 10th, 2022.



The initiative's second opportunity is training and development for ages 16 - 23.

When selecting a screenwriting course, one must be very careful. Most training, including college courses, will teach you what you need to know about the craft but very little about the challenges, obstacles, and odds of launching a career or getting recognition.

Many training programs advertise how different they are. Still, they're all pretty much the same, offering more in the way of recorded online videos than personal or live training.

What Community Flicks offers is genuine and extraordinary. Its training is designed to teach, develop, and exhibit the talent of new and growing screenwriters committed to using their talent for GOD's purpose.


We believe the best way to develop one's craft is to put it to good use. Therefore, the training not only teaches it also presents creative opportunities to do what screenwriters love to do... write stories. Enrollment begins October 17th, 2022.


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