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Become a Community Flicks Content Advisor 

Help Art for Growth Make A Difference in Young Lives through Visual Stories

We're So Thankful for Your Time & Consideration!

The Importance of Content Advisors

Most nonprofits reach out because of the need for financial support. However, we reach out to you for something that's generally not appreciated today. Yet, the Bible teaches us that its value is greater than silver or gold. It's your wisdom we need, along with your experience and insight.

Visual stories are powerful, but producing movies and television content are unattainable goals for most due to the expense involved.

This is just one of the reasons why Art for Growth creates Audible Storyboards (see video title "Why We Do What We Do." below.)

However, though the illustrations give young viewers colorful, intriguing images, the success of narrative podcasts has proven that the story matters most.

Season one of our SparkLights Audible Storyboard Series is just the beginning. The best is yet to come, which is where our Content Advisors come in.

As believers called to serve younger generations, we look to our content advisors to use their experiences and insight to help us develop SparkLights episode story topics.

The primary goal of our SparkLights Series is to help offset the adverse effects of the media and culture on young minds.


What Content Advisors Do

The panel consists of only seven advisors and our organization’s head writer and executive producer for the series. It meets three times annually, in person or on Zoom. The meetings take place within the first quarter of the year. The exact dates for meetings are based on the availability of all advisors. The panel is used for the following:

1.   January - Meeting One: Share and discuss the challenges, issues, and obstacles affecting the spiritual well-being of Generation Z.

2.   February – Meeting Two: Based on the previous meeting discussion, choose ten topics that could make for powerful episode story topics for the upcoming SparkLights season.

3.   March – Meeting Three: Review and discuss the synopsis for the seven upcoming season episodes.   

Learn More about Our Initiative


Again, it's just the beginning. Our Community Flicks initiative is also in the planning stage of launching the development of a full-length feature film. We hope the wisdom of our content advisors will also be instrumental in its success.

Content Advisors are valued and cherished volunteers of Art for Growth. Please take the time to follow the provided links to our series, videos, and slide show to learn more about Art for Growth and our initiative.

If you should determine to become a part of Art for Growth and its Community Flicks initiative, please fill in the form below. Once we receive your acceptance of the position on our panel, we will send you a welcome packet and notify you regarding the scheduling of upcoming meetings and other events.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 

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