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for Screenwriters & Actors

Coming October, 2022



Community Flicks created a form of entertainment that, Bible-believing young creatives can use to develop their screenwriting and voice acting talents without wasting the time and money that many institutions and courses require.


Trainees will have the opportunity to become a part of Community Flicks' production team. Participants who complete the four weeks of basic training go on to use the final eight weeks of training working along with professionals to produce our Audible Storyboards. The training provides experience, exposure, and the truth about what's needed to navigate the film industry.

Trainees also gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the pre-production process used to produce films.

It's a known fact that the best way to get the film industry's attention is by creating content that can draw an audience. For example, over two-dozen podcasts have become television series because of their success as an all audio platform. What Community Flicks has to offer provides more than just audio. Qualified trainees will be able to use the production of Audible Storyboards to exhibit their talent.


This is why our training program only admits participants with the determination and commitment it takes to develop and grow as artists, be it in screenwriting, voice acting, or on-screen acting.


Community Flicks is a nonprofit project. Therefore, unlike most screenwriting or voice acting training, we put each applicant's zeal and commitment to the test before completing the admission process.


If we are not confident that we can help you succeed, we will not waste your time or money.

Enrollment begins October 17th, 2022.


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