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To Our Honored Guest - Welcome, and Thank You for Your Time

Most nonprofits reach out because of the need for financial support. However, we reach out to you for something that's generally not appreciated today. Yet, the Bible teaches us that its value is greater than silver or gold. It's your wisdom we need, along with your experience, and insight.


Our nonprofit, Art for Growth (trade name for Songs with Meaning, Inc.), has launched an initiative that gives followers of Christ and all concerned individuals a significant and influential opportunity. It's the ability to offset the adverse effects of mainstream media on our young people today, primarily Generation Z ( approx., ages 7 – 22).


Community Flicks, is a Christ-centered film production community. The need for it cannot be overstated. If we don't do enough; if something doesn't change, mainstream media will continue to influence and expose young lives to a mentality and perceptions that could render their generation spiritually destitute.


Click logo or play button above to view video

For your convience we've provided you with the following presentation. You can watch the entire 23-minute video or browse our website to view short presentations specific to your interest. After watching, our hope is that you will want to know more.  We pray that you will favor our organization by becoming one of its advisors or with the honor of speaking with you about the possibility. It's a position that would only require one hour of your time, once a year. That's all the commitment we ask for.


Thank you again for your time.  

To contact our founder, MoriEl Randolph, please call 301 856-3687, ext. 3 or reach out via email at


For more information about Art for Growth please visit

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