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For Christ-centered Assemblies

The support of truly Christian assemblies is extremely important to Community Flick's success. We look to the Sephards of Church bodies to understand the urgency and need for the initiative and encourage GOD's people to come together to strengthen its mission. Our heavenly Father has used HIS people throughout history to change lives and cultures. Community Flicks is no exception. As a special thanks to supporting assemblies, the Community offers the following selected benefits.

Community Flicks Mini Introduction

Church Supporter Benefits

  • Congregation members who are not registered individual or family supporters receive a 25% discount on the price of admission into Community Flick's Annual Premiere's.

  • Assemblies receive advance casting calls along with Community Supporters who are actors. They also have group acting opportunities as extras in Community productions.

  • The Pastor of supporting assemblies is held as an honorary Community supporter, entitled to all Community Benefits.

  • Community Flick's event brochures display the name and a location photo of supporting Churches. 

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