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For Potential Community Sponsors

Thank you so much for your time.  


Community Flicks is a Christ-centered film production community. Its mission is to offset the adverse effects of mainstream media on our young people today, primarily Generation Z (approx., ages 7 – 22).

The need for this initiative cannot be overstated. If we don't do enough, if something doesn't change, mainstream media will continue to influence and expose the young and vulnerable to a mentality and perceptions that could render their generation spiritually destitute.


It will be our sponsors who will ignite this initiative. Your support is needed to produce Community Flicks' first productions, thus reaching the community of supporters we need to fulfill our mission. The success of Community Flicks is dependent on individuals who see and care about the way our children and grandchildren are being influenced by today's media.

We intend to work very hard to share our sponsors' goods and services with our Community supporters and all who view Community Flick's productions, website, and social media. The number of sponsors we need will depend on the level of support and commitment from businesses that show an interest. We seek sponsors who are passionate about our mission and goals. 


We've provided a selection of mini videos with segmented information throughout the website. However, we've combined those videos into one 23-minute presentation for your convenience.


In addition, we've provided you with a 4-minute video that speaks specifically to sponsorship benefits. Last but not least is an audio and summary storyboard preview of what will serve as one of Community Flick's first short films. We've also provided you with the film's budget. Included in the budget is the cost of a second short film we plan to produce in 2022, titled DIG. The preview for DIG is still in development.


Note:  The following is not audio from the actual film, and the short film will not be an animation.

After reviewing the videos, we hope and pray that you will agree to a meeting with us to discuss the possibility of your business becoming a cherished sponsor. We know how busy you are, so we'll follow up. But in the meantime, feel free to reach out to our founder, MoriEl Randolph, by calling
301 856-3687, ext. Three or emailing:

Also, please visit
Art for Growth's website to learn more about how we've used the performing arts to enhance young lives for over twenty years.

III.  THE FIRST SHORT FILM  (Audio w/ Illustrations)
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