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Community Flicks' Online Welcome Packet

Welcome Volunteers, To The Community Flicks' Supporter Family

We're So Thankful To Have You!

Please watch the above video before going any further.

Your Volunteer Welcome Packet consist of four parts:


Part One:


By clicking the candle below you can access our volunteer registration form. It will allow you to submit the information we need for our records. Completing the form will also register you as a community supporter, which will allow you to take advantage of supporter benefits.


Part Two:


Shortly after we receive your volunteer registration, we will reach out to you with the instructions you'll need for your specific position. Depending on the position, we may need to schedule a conference call or a simple email may do. Your position may also require that we schedule you for an online group training session. We want to equip you with whatever you need to take this exciting journey with us.  

Part Three (optional)


Meet with our director.

On March 29th, 2022, our founder and director, MoriEl Randolph, would like the honor and privilege of meeting you remotely on Zoom. It will give everyone who can attend the opportunity to meet face to face, ask questions, and get acquainted. The Zoom session will be from 7 pm (eastern time) and end no later than 8 pm.

Below you will find the Zoom invite info. Please use the Volunteer registration form to RSVP if you plan to attend.
Thank you.


Community Flicks invites you to its New Volunteers' Meet and Greet. 

Join the Zoom Event at:

Meeting ID: 892 910 5838
Passcode: uVrR3P

Part Four


Please help us spread the word about Community Flicks. Post the link to the 8-minute mini version of Community Flicks' Intro Video on your social media; email it to friends, family, church members, and co-workers. Download, print, and distribute the Community Flicks' flyer when needed. It will be the quantity of supporters that will determine the success of our mission and the quality of our community productions.





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