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According to recent data, many are asking about the purpose of Youth Ministry. Youth leaders are asking how to grow a Youth Ministry and how to engage Generation Z. Art for Growths’ SparkLights View & Talk Sessions address all three questions. The purpose and success of a Youth Ministry are determined by how well it can reach those who need it. Youth Ministry is important and effective when ministers understand that they must meet younger generations where they are. Our View & Talk sessions can be an effective tool to accomplish all of the above.

According to statistics from an Insider Intelligence article, Generation Z doesn’t spend much time with Television or Movies. Instead, they prefer to watch short digital videos. They also seek new ways to interact with friends.


One-fourth (25.7%) of US Gen Z adults use YouTube more than any other social platform.


Short video content on YouTube and other social platforms is a productive way of reaching Generation Z. View & Talk Session provides both a social environment and short visual entertainment. The data proves YouTube’s influence on youth. Let’s use that to GOD’s advantage.

Many want to understand how to inspire youth. One way is with peer leadership. View and Talk Sessions are practical for inspiring youth leaders to serve as session hosts. High school and college students can lead sessions with a clear understanding of Gen Z's concerns and challenges and earn service learning credits.


Everyone seems to understand how mental health is important for an individual's and society's well-being. However, the Children’s Health Council statistics show that Gen Z suffers more from mental health problems and illnesses than any other generation. View and Talk Sessions are an entertaining, nonintrusive way to reach young souls with the way, the truth, and the light.


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If you're ready to get started, fill in the form below, and our volunteer coordinator will contact you to offer assistance. We will provide you with all the information needed to make your session successful. Students can also host sessions to earn Community Service Learning Credits and Certificates.


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