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Our Goals

From Songs with Meaning, Inc.


1) Use the net profits from industry-standard film productions to help with funding of Community Nonprofit Partners and others fulfilling God's work and purpose as nonprofit entities.

2) Provide younger generations insight, motivation, and spiritual support through innovative visual content.

3) Help develop creative literacy and support the development and careers of young writers committed to entertaining yet edifying family and faith-based stories.

4) Partner with local churches, schools, businesses, and other nonprofits with similar goals and missions.

5) Build a community of individuals (Viewers and Insiders) who share our concern for younger generations, individuals who can help spread the word about our Community Flicks Initiative and its productions.

6) Assist young creatives who long to use their love and talent of filmmaking and screenwriting for GOD's purpose.

7) Help offset the adverse effects of today's media and culture on young minds.

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