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Our Goals


1) Maintain steady production of audible storyboards created to fulfill the mission of our new initiative, Community Flicks.

2) Provide online answers, insight, motivation, and spiritual support to younger generations through audible storyboard productions and weekly podcast episodes.

3) Provide tools and support to parents, teachers, and youth ministers whose hearts are heavy with concern for younger generations.


4) Help develop creative literacy and support the development and careers of young writers committed to entertaining yet edifying family and faith-based stories.

5) Partner with local churches, schools, businesses, and other nonprofits with similar goals and missions.

6) Develop a dedicated production team of screenwriters, illustrators, and actors for Community Flicks' productions.

7) Build a nationwide community of parents, teachers, youth ministers, and young people committed to reaching young lives with the truth, the light, and the way GOD intended.

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