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Art for Growth is dedicated to teaching and enhancing lives via visual storytelling. We have worked with youth throughout Prince George's County and surrounding areas for twenty-five years. However, now we seek to reach youth and families across the country.


In 2017, Art for Growth turned its focus toward filmmaking and visual media. Since then, the organization's youth participants have created a series of student short films. But now, the time has come to extend our vision and outreach. We believe our Heavenly Father has issued the directive to take our mission to a new level.

​We have developed a way to affordably produce visual stories with the introduction of our Sparklights Audible Storyboard Series. The series is designed to reach and engage younger generations.


Followers of Christ, along with others burdened with the spiritual well-being of our country's young people, can stop shaking their heads in despair and do something about the adverse effects of mainstream media on young generations today. Together we can offset the impact of the culture on young minds.

With you in our corner and part of our community, we can build an effective outreach system our Heavenly FATHER can use to change lives through Christ.

Become a part of our Crowdfunder.

Please review our pitch deck for up-to-date information about Art for Growth and its current programs.

Thank you.

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