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Trade name for the 501 c 3 nonprofit

Songs with Meaning, Inc.

Our Mission: Using Film and the Performing and Literary Arts to Teach, Inspire, and Enhance Lives

Our Goals

1) To unit local Christian communities and businesses to support and create family cinematic content designed to thwart the adverse effects of today's culture on our children.

2) To support the development and careers of screenwriters dedicated to edifying family and faith-based film.

3) To provide workshops, speakers, contests, and other community events designed to teach and inspire supporters of  Community Flicks.

4) To present disciples of Christ, support, training, and annual opportunities to act in quality-produced productions.


5)  To give a forum to rising faith-based and family filmmakers driven by a passion for enhancing young lives through film.

6) To partner with local churches, businesses, and other nonprofits with similar goals.

7) To produce annual original family and faith-based content using a mission-driven production system.

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