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The art of filmmaking is the world's most expensive form of art.  But, with your support, we can produce quality content developed to change lives, and hopefully the world. There are three ways to do that.  Any option you choose will be greatly appreciated.

1.  Support Community Flicks.    Become a part of this exciting Christ-centered Film Production Community. To learn more visit


2.  Buy a book. 
     The proceeds from the purchase of all Fresh View Publishing books go
     towards supporting Art for Growth.  Click here to visit the book store.

3.  Volunteer

      Giving of your time and experience is one of the greatest gifts you can give.
      Click here to see volunteer and volunteer-to-pay positions.

4. Make a donation

     Your donation dollars would go a long way in helping Art for Growth to continue its

     mission to teach and enhance young lives through the performing and literary arts. 

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