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Community Flick's Team


MoriEl Randolph is an award-winning screenwriter, author, and founder of the organization was incorporated in 1998 under the name Songs with Meaning, Incorporated (SwM). MoriEl has served as its director, head screenwriter, and playwright for over twenty years. She's the author of six books and over a dozen screenplays, including the award-winning script, Stroke of Genius. MoriEl has directed both stage and film productions and holds a bachelor's degree in Cinematography and a master's in Creative Writing. Before giving her life to Christ and moving behind the scenes of entertainment, MoriEl performed on tour with the award-winning theatre company Pin Points.  She also performed as an actress or vocalist with artists such as Martin Lawrence,  Jimmy Smith, and Al Johnson. However, now, when asked about her achievements, she states, "For over thirty years, I've been a disciple of Christ.  That's all that matters."


Angelika Lorenz (Ange) is a phenominal women on and off stage. After a successful run in the business world as CEO of over thirty staff members, Ange determined to take on the entertainment industry. She has performed for stage, film, and television, accomplishing within the DMV what many would consider impossible. Ange's local experience, skills, and eye for talent make her an invaluable contribution to Community Flick's pre-production process as Casting Director.


Imani Kindred is an actress, songwriter, and vocalist with a degree in social work. Her kind and gentle spirit make her a perfect choice as the team member overseeing the interest and concerns of the Community's artists and supporters. Imani fulfills her role as Community Flick's General Support Director with determination and commitment. She is a treasured addition to the team.


Yusvely Rivas

Balbi Loren Cañas Cedeño  _balbiloren.jpg

Balbi Canas

Yusvely, and Balbi make up the perfect team of StoryBoard Artists for our Sparklights Audible Storyboards Series. Together, they create professional illustrations that meet Community Flick's standards for excellence. Their creative skills, innovative styles, and ability to deliver fast quality artwork consistently make them a valuable part of our pre-production team. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 11.48.44 PM.png

Angela Floyd, AFSP, CAA, SRTP

When it comes to excellence within the world of financial accountability, they don’t get much better than Angela Floyd. Angela’s expertise and commitment to knowledgeable efficiency are evident through the services and guidance she provides the businesses she serves as CEO of Intelligent Tax Services. We are thankful to be one of those businesses. The organization’s money and financial affairs are in excellent hands.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 3.13.48 PM.png

Maria Matherne's passion for GOD and HIS purpose through Christ is contagious. Her degree in communication and an outreaching personality contribute immensely to Maria's ability to serve as Community Flick's Support Director for the National Southeast Region. We consider her volunteer work a true gift from GOD and appreciate her commitment to the Community's mission and to family.

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Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, and Youth Minister Kepa Freeman has spent 22 years developing a unique musical style that makes his gifts as a musician and experience with young people a tremendous asset to Community Flick's mission. As a composer, he's contributed to stage and film, including work with FreshView Productions and the Hope Channel. Kepa holds a bachelor's in music from Temple University and a master's degree in education. His life's work has been a combination of his passion for music and a commitment to serving the spiritual needs of youth. Art for Growth saw firsthand Mr. Freeman’s dedication and talent when he worked on staff as one of its Artistic Directors for seven years. Now, we are honored to have him as part of Community Flicks’ as film composer. We’re especially excited to have him score the initiative's first feature film. The center of his life is his relationship with GOD through Christ.

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